About Us


Shobhit Van Educational and Charitable Trust (SVECT) were founded by a person who belongs from divine and holy family who always stepped forward towards to help/assist the people/society and nature in many ways. It is his/her hereditary nature. Under this holy natured family so many people has completed his education at various level and well settled all around the country and world and it is continued. Since its inception, our trust has been working in every sector of society in all the way. Considering the commitment of ‘Team Shobhit Van’ towards the cause of Child Education/as well as education for all and healthy and wealthy Development.

Shobhit Van Educational and Charitable Trust (SVECT) is an NGO registered in NCT at all over India basis and Trust established in Nerul, Maharashtra. Being associated with various sector / field from the years our Founder has closely witnessed the difficulties through which a student from economically backward conditions passes through. So in the year 2013 he founded Shobhit Van Educational and Charitable Trust with some of his like-minded friends. From the inception of Shobhit Van Educational and Charitable Trust it has worked in the Child Development and Children Education for underprivileged sector of Society.


To make the Society healthy and wealthy in all respect in every means (By helping people to be remain healthy, without waiting for last stage)

  1. To ensure that children from underprivileged background receive good quality education.
  2. To impart knowledge and values through well-designed curriculum & programs for children.
  3. To arrange, establish education and also to bring the education of best standards in the reach of all at lowest possible cost .
  4. To bridge the gap between children from different backgrounds through art & cultural activities.
  5. To create awareness in Society about the problems of slum & street children & motivate them to take actions as an individual or in group.
  6. To ensure every individual irrespective of social status have access to quality healthcare. To make the people aware for importance of cleanness .
  7. To make awareness among all for importance of female sex and old age in the universe as well as in family.


    To make the Society healthy and wealthy in all respect in every means To empower the society, underprivileged children & youth through quality education, healthcare, and livelihood programs.


    Social Justice, Equality and Empowerment can be achieved through educating, agitating & organizing the Underprivileged.