career counselling

SHOBHIT VAN EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST education programs are carefully designed to reflect its vision. Apart from providing quality education to underprivileged children at an affordable rate, we have also been successful in creating a stimulating environment where a child's dream is nurtured and merged with the right values to create self-realization..


There is no surprise that women largely experience lower socio-economic status in their villages and communities, primarily because they are denied the opportunities to learn. NGOs like Save the Children have active and robust programmes to groom and prepare out-of-school girls to reach schools and stay there. The NGO is working in several Indian states to give the gift of empowerment to every girl child so that she grows to be a capable adult.

Skill Development

The importance of skills in India is not a recent phenomenon. The SHOBHIT VAN EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST was designed keeping in mind that the identity of the person is from what he does and that is supreme, which then ossified into a system based on birth and then hierarchy. The creators had a different purpose in mind, they saw the need for a varied skills set and thus probably wanted to create guilds that could ultimately churn out individuals who are the best at what they do